About The Results Business

Hi and welcome to the Results Business, I'm Nick Niziolomski and I setup the business back in 2003 as a base for my services company. I had then just completed the restructuring of a Telecoms company and wasn't sure what i wanted to do next, so I set the business up to act as the umbrella under which I could run my consulting business whilst I looked for my next project.

About Me?

Is pretty simple - If you've got the ideas, I'm the guy that figures out the how and gets it done. I started in technical sales and soon discovered that in business if you can capture people's imagination and understand the fit between your solution and their business - you have a winning formula.

Understanding the business proposition and processes associated with sale and delivery is essential, so for me it's all about aligning the whole business and it's products to serve a clearly understood and proven customer needs - whatever it takes.


By taking sector and international experience and combining practices and techniques you can innovate and change how business is done. - When supported by the rapid market testing and modelling using the online space, building great businesses and teams can be done with higher levels of assurance, at lower cost and with great pace.

Understanding The Challenges

I’ve worked in big corporates and start-ups.  I understand the challenges of both and frankly very few people do.  My key skill is the ability to work with people through almost any situation, understand the complexities of the situation and apply the appropriate techniques and practices to the situation to deliver solutions. I simply love business and working with people to deliver great results for all the stakeholders.

Why The Results Business?

Very simple this one....it is all about results. Whatever the inspiration for the business and whatever its objectives are - it is all about results. The results we are looking for may vary and include all manner of different outcomes with different drivers, but its about results.

When it comes to a business the difference between an owner business and a corporate enterprise can be huge - shareholders in PLC want returns, some owners of businesses want a lifestyle - it's about knowing the results you want and delivering them. It is also about understanding the impact of taking one path forward rather than another - a common issue for businesses in their early years- I must write a blog post about that!

Thanks for taking the time to read this,  dive in and book a call or alternatively sign-up for the updates and stay in touch,

All the best,

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